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1740's British Carbine/Officer's Fusil:

Dear Friends Blair and Linda,

A report on my fine Loyalist Arms Musket (the carbine). We had our Rondy this weekend and my musket was one of the bright stars of the show. Many folks looked at and handled it and were most complimentary on it's ruggedness, fit and finish, performance, and it's good looks. I gave out your website address to at least 5-people at least one of which I am sure will order. That is a super, super piece of "stuff" of which I am proud to carry. The one guy told me that my musket made his ***** look like he spent way too much for way too little and he would have been better advised to go first to Loyalist Arms. Just a big thank you from here on the leftist coast of the USA. That sonofagun shoots with the speed of a caplock and is soooooooo much nicer. I am really pleased and very glad I purchased that item from you guys. Hey, hope all is well in Nova Scotia and your are both happy and doin' super.

Your satisfied customer......well, more than satisfied, more like pleased as punch customer,
John *****
Coos Bay, Oregon
1724 Dublin Castle Brown Bess:

Dear Suzanne,

I have received my 1724 Brown Bess, lockplate and musket sling kit. Let me say that I am very pleased with the quality of the musket. The workmanship is beautiful. I look forward to firing the piece soon. Let me know when the bayonet and scabbard are being shipped to me. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am now excited about ordering other 18th century items from you. I have been recommending Loyalist Arms to those I meet in the living history/primitive hunting communities.

One very satisfied customer,
Gene *****
1728 Brown Bess:

I was using my fathers brown bess at a reenactment at Fort Fredrick Maryland this weekend. With the right flint and with a led grabber the musket shoots great. Everyone at the fort wanted to see the bess. A lot of people have heard of your 1st pattern and I think by showing it to them, we might just have done some advertising for you. I am very impressed with how well the musket handles, not to mention cleaning is very easy. I wish to say thank you for your service and that you people have done a magnificant job with these fine pieces. Once again, thank you.

Tim *****
Pirates Seeking Reproduction Pistols:

Ladies & Gentlemen {Rogues},

I have clapped my eyes upon and sampled the Loyalist Arms pistols & must say, they are supremely well made, even though fashioned by the Royal East India Co. lascars! And yes, the so called dragoon pistol is more than appropriate for late 17th to even up to the Rev. War period as a sea service pistol. This piece looks like actual ones from the 1670s & up. I have a photo of one carved into a distinquished naval captain's tomb built in the 1690's!

I Remain Your Humble Servant,
Thom *****
New Blunderbuss:

Hello Loyalist Arms,

Just letting you know that the Blunderbuss arrived on Thursday. It looks great. I must say I couldn't be more pleased and I can't wait for it to make it's
debut with The Royal **** (my re-enactment unit) this weekend. Once again, it's been a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do more in the future. In the mean time, I and my fellow Royal **** will continue to recommend you at all events we attend.

Thank you,

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