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ArrowLoyalist Arms offers many types of cannons and artillery projectiles.
ArrowWe deal directly with our Canadian manufacturer and can usually cater to your needs, depending on the
style of cannon you require.
ArrowIf you have a specific request, please contact us for a quote a and rough completion date.
ArrowCarriages and swivels are also available. Please inquire.
ArrowTubes & barrels can be sold separately from carriages when required.
ArrowAll barrels have a 90,000 PSI rated steel liner. These barrels are real, not just cheaply cast decorators. Unlined, plain cast and / or machined barrels are not as safe as these barrels.
ArrowImplement, cleaning sets, and carriages are available as well. Please state model required for a quote.
ArrowBelow are pictures of some items now available. More items are available that are not shown.
ArrowFor pricing and availability, please inquire.
ArrowClick images to enlarge
Cannon With Carriage SpacerCannon With Carriage
Light Field 3 Pounder Cannon
3 Pounder Cannon With Garrison Carriage
ArrowLight Field 3 Pounder Cannon
With Cartridge Box (2 1/4 - 3" bore)
Arrow3 Pounder Cannon With Garrison Carriage
(2 1/4 - 3" steel lined bore)

(Please inquire)
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