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Clothing, Shoes, Hats: Cartridge Boxes

Early To Mid 18 Cent French Marine Cartridge Box
French Marine Cartidge BoxSpacerFrench Marine Cartidge BoxSpacerFrench Marine Cartidge Box
ArrowThis cartridge box has 9 holes with a wood block, and is excellent quality. It is hand crafted with a double flap.
ArrowQuality leather & stitching, burgundy upper flap, with white trim & anchor.
ArrowThese "Belly Boxes" were copied from detailed pictures and a hand assembled sample from an original.
ArrowThis cartridge box would be suitable for pre F & I War, 7 Years War, as well as the Revolution War period.
ArrowThey are pictured in Chartrand's, "The French Soldier in Colonial America" on pages thirty-two and thirty-five, and in Spring's, "The French Marines, 1754-61" on pages fifty, fifty-one.
ArrowClick images to enlarge.
Price $85.00 (EA) CDN / $57.50 (EA) US
Dotted Line
Enfield Style American Civil War Cartridge Box
American Civil War Cartridge Box
ArrowEnfield style .577 caliber.
ArrowAlso used for the .58 caliber Springfield rifled muskets.
ArrowThis cartridge box is a very common pattern being offered by many sutlers, however they always offer the sling separate.
ArrowOur cartridge box is competitively priced, with the sling included.
ArrowClick image to enlarge.
$50.00 (EA) CDN / $32.00 (EA) US
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