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Contact & Ordering: USA Info

ArrowWe can ship economically to the USA!!
ArrowWe ship most of our firearms via Express Parcel Post insured - (3-5 business days to most locations in the USA), or Expedited Parcel Post - (slower but cheaper).
ArrowWe recommend shipping firearms by Express Parcel Post for fastest and safest delivery.
ArrowOur postage rates for firearms reflect the fact that we remove the lock assembly from the pistols and muskets and ship them separately, so you receive 2 parcels. This method helps in clearing USA customs faster.
ArrowMiscellaneous items can be shipped via Express Parcel Post, Expedited Parcel Post, Air Mail or courier.
ArrowWe cannot ship COD to the USA.
ArrowNo FFL dealer is needed for any muzzle loading firearms, or percussion breechloaders.
ArrowAn FFL dealer only needs to be involved for brass cartridge firearms. To ship a cartridge firearm to the USA, you will need a licensed firearms dealer with an FFL, to fill out a BATF Form 6 for you. This will not cost you anything, but there is a waiting period of 4-6 weeks for approval. Once approved, the firearm can be shipped to the closest airport where you can pick it up.
ArrowIf air freight is desired for shipping, we can only ship to an international airport where Air Canada flies direct. The customer is required to pick up the item at their airport and clear customs there. We will supply all documentation, (when necessary). We recommend air freight for larger orders of several long guns, as it is usually more economical. Some airports may charge a $10.00 - $15.00 clearance fee, but we find that some airports do not charge this fee.

ArrowIf you receive a damaged shipment or suspect a shipment is damaged, please notify us, and the carrier (Post Office, Air Freight, or Courier) immediately. Before a carrier will process any claim, a representative must inspect the merchandise and the shipping carton. Do not discard or destroy the shipping cartons.

ArrowIf you wish to return an item, contact us first for shipping and customs declaration instructions. Unauthorized returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
ArrowIf are not completely satisfied with an item, we will accept a return for exchange or refund less the shipping. Please return the item promptly - within 15 days, with no modifications to the product. All items must be returned in new, unused condition. Shipping fees on all returned merchandise is the responsibility of the customer. We will promptly refund your payment less shipping upon receipt and inspection.
ArrowIf you have accepted delivery of an item and do not contact us after 15 days, we assume that you are satisfied with the purchase, and the sale is final, not withstanding the warranty on moving parts and springs, which still applies for periods indicated in the manufacturers warranty.
ArrowWe cannot refund or exchange merchandise that has been altered in any way.
ArrowNo returns are accepted by freight collect shipping or COD.
ArrowReturns and overcharges will be refunded promptly via credit card or company check.

ArrowNo warranty or guarantee is expressed or implied by this corporation or its stockholders on any item or product listed on our website or price lists, or sold by the corporation, except those products warranted by the manufacturer.
ArrowLoyalist Arms and Repairs Ltd reserves the right to repair or replace any product purchased from our company free of charge or at a cost, depending on the situation.
ArrowAny alteration or attempted repair on any of Loyalist Arms & Repairs warranted items, by anyone other than Loyalist Arms Ltd or approved service outlet will void all warranties.
ArrowAll warranty claims and adjustments must be handled by Loyalist Arms Ltd, or a service center approved by Loyalist Arms Ltd only.
ArrowLoyalist Arms and Repairs Ltd reserves the right to add or discontinue any item at any time.
ArrowLoyalist Arms and Repairs Ltd reserves the right to change the design of any item at any time.
ArrowLoyalist Arms and Repairs Ltd reserves the right to add or remove any manufacturer or dealer at any time.

ArrowThe following note is made in lieu of all warranties, express or implied by the manufacturer.
ArrowLoyalist Arms and Repairs Ltd will not be held responsible for any loss or injury caused in any manner, either directly or indirectly from any product obtained from Loyalist Arms and Repairs Ltd. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising from the use or misuse of any product, (including but not limited to guns, swords, etc.), sold by Loyalist Arms and Repairs Ltd. Before using, the user should determine the suitability of the circumstances under which the product is used; and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.
ArrowDue to the nature of all muzzle loading firearms, proper use, loading, cleaning, maintenance, proof testing, etc. are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Proper safety procedures must be followed, while handling all firearms, but especially muzzle loading firearms. There are several good books on loading and care of muzzle loading firearms, on the market. We recommend you purchase one prior to using your black powder firearm.
ArrowAll black powder firearms should be loaded with black powder only. Smokeless powder absolutely should NOT be used.
ArrowWe recommend strongly that ALL muzzle loading firearms, no matter who the manufacturer is, be proofed before regular use.

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