Sale on unfinished EIC, (3rd model ) Brown Bess Muskets

Loyalist Arms has a small quantity of 3rd model Bess muskets that arrived with bores that are slightly undersize (.69), for a Bess musket.

Since the barrels are still the same outer diameter, they are rather heavy with that extra metal.

The barrels can either be bored out further by the customer to a .75-.76 or left as they are.

These muskets are NOT finished and not ready to fire, although they are assembled.

All finishing work must be done by the customer such as:  hardening the frizzen, lock adjustments, drilling barrel and finishing the wood.*

Price on these unfinished muskets is $339.00 US/$405.00 Can.

Since these muskets are assembled but unfinished and we have no control over any gun  smith work done by the customer, they are sold without any warranty.

Customer must also proof test these guns upon completion. More pics are available of our 3rd model Bess muskets on our website, on this page.

The only difference between these discounted muskets and regular ones is the bore size and the fact that they are unstained.

Please email Loyalist Arms at and give us your address for a quote on shipping to your location.

*: Loyalist Arms does not provide any instructions or training in gunsmithing, or in any task required for completing these guns. The customer is responsible for their own skills. This should be kept in mind by those interested in purchasing any unfinished guns from Loyalist Arms.