New Shoes and Boots from Loyalist Arms

Loyalist Arms is please to introduce several new styles to our line of shoes and boots. These new products include both men’s and women’s footwear, ranging from the late 17th C. to the early 20th C.

All Loyalist Arms footwear is hand-made of 100% leather, and is individually sized to each customer’s measurements.
Ladies Boots, Victorian – Edwardian Period
Lady's Boots Ladie's Boots
Price: $212 CDN / $199 US
Lady’s Shoes, 18th C.
Lady's Boots
Price: $135 CDN / $128 US
Available in Black and Brown
Late 18th C. Buckle Shoes
Buckle ShoesBuckle Shoes
Price: $135 CDN / $128 US
16th – 17th C. Shoes (Pikemen’s Shoes)
Buckle ShoesBuckle Shoes
Price: $140 CDN / $135 US